Wednesday, September 11

Dungeons & Dragons 30 Day Challenge- Day 9

 Favorite Character I Haven't Played: My next favorite character. Kidding, I guess my favorite character would be Mongoose Half-Ear, Half-Hand. He was Eric's halfling thief, I know Ganth doesn't have halflings but it used to, Mongoose is the reason (In the lore that I will include in the future) they are no longer on Ganth. 

 Mongoose Halfling (Icran- I Can't Remember A Name) started off as a decent thief in Waterdeep in my Undermountain campaign. If you had the boxed campaign to Undermountain then you might remember seeing a goblin standing over a gold coin in the hallway outside the entry well. (SPOILER ALERT) The goblin winds up running away upon seeing the players and if someone picks up the gold coin they have to make a save or the coin burns a hole through their hand. The group didn't have a cleric in the party so they left the dungeon and went to a sawbones cleric and he half-assed fixed his hand. 

 Now with a poorly reconstructed hand and a few minor minuses the group went back in to the dungeon. The group would eventually take the hint and buy healing potions. (If I remember correctly it was the third trip to the sawbones cleric) Later in the dungeon, and after many, many traps, they arrive to a door deep in the second level. Mongoose puts his ear to the door to listen, but discovers that the door is covered in sovereign glue. The group decides to cut off Mongoose's ear. To add insult to injury the group finds a magical earring further into the level. They, as a joke, let him have it.

 Little did they know... The earring had a power enchantment on it. The enchantment made everyone within earshot of the wearer believe everything that the wearer says as the absolute truth. So, Mongoose went back to Waterdeep and declared himself as one of the Nine Lords of Waterdeep. The rest is history, or will be if I ever get to finish writing it. 

 So in conclusion, Mongoose Half-Hand is my favorite character I haven't played.

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