Tuesday, September 10

Dungeons & Dragons 30 Day Challenge- Day 8

 Favorite Character that I've Played: I've had several characters over the years, I know some think I'm going with Jaccob Sorrow but he's one of my favorites, not my favorite. I had a minotaur pirate, dwarven thief, female illusionist (she was hiding as a man), and even average human fighters. My favorite character of all time would have to be Straahd La`Roc. Deep Gnome war priest of the elemental deity Icran. He started of as a second character, the auto-cleric, never intended as a main character, but after he was created I noticed he was Chaotic Neutral so I decided to play him as half mad. I made insane choices for him, put his hands into a cauldron of true chaos, killed a friendly npc for smelling strange, and even healed one of the enemy npc's because it was 4 of us on 2 of them. After that campaign, Eric used him as an npc leader of a band of mercenaries, Band of the Black Hand. I've even used him a couple of times as an npc when I'm running the game.

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