Thursday, December 13

Update to the headaches and a short story of an amazing man

 Back in October, I posted about my headache but I didn't give any background. Firstly the headaches are 90% gone!!! Right at a year ago, I had tire explode 4 inches in front of my face. It broke my nose and launched me from a sitting position into the air, I cartwheeled about 8 feet, and landed on my front. After I came to, I had a headache and a large amount of blood running down my face. My wife rushed me to the ER and after an hour in the empty waiting room, an asshole of a doctor told me I broke my nose, he prescribed me a strong dose of Ibuprofen. Three hours later, I had a HUGE headache, it was so severe that I couldn't talk clearly. So back to the asshole and only a 30 minute wait in the same empty ER. This time the doctor gave me a shot and the headache eased up.

  Over the last year, I have had the lion's share of neck pain and headaches. Most of the time it's been manageable and I could do normal activities. But back in October, they came back with a vengeance. I tried all kinds of pain medications, muscle relaxers, neck messages, and heat treatments. Nothing worked. The Monday before Thanksgiving, my amazing wife took me to a chiropractor near us. On his office door it says $25 per visit, no x-rays. Immediately I was skeptical , I mean I don't really trust chiropractors after a bad run in with one back in my early twenties and this guy doesn't use x-rays to see what he's dealing with. My first thought was that this quack was gonna paralyze my for life. I was a approached by a man who was well into his 70's if not 80's, and he referred to himself as Dr. Feelgood. (OMFG, I'm gonna be a paraplegic!)

 Well, I was in so much pain that I was willing to take the chance. I went into his treatment room and he started pointing out areas on my back that have caused me problems for years. I didn't think much of it because he's probably seen hundreds of people there and it's just a safe bet, general diagnosis for him. I wasn't there for my back, but my neck and I told him so. Still he continued working my lower back and eventually up to my neck. The thing was Dr. Feelgood was actually hitting the bad spots dead on. I had a knot behind my shoulder blade for years, this guy found it nearly instantly and one adjustment and it was gone. He didn't bother with the other side of my back and that's when I thought to myself he might be the real deal. After he got an amazing amount of pops in my neck, the pain was gone. I was kind of nauseous and lightheaded the rest of the day and my headache returned with an increased severity. I was bitching at my wife for wasting the $25. The next morning, I apologized to her for being an asshole. I was so freaking wrong. Dr. Feelgood indeed. My back felt great! The pain in my neck was gone. I felt like I was in my teens again! The pain stayed gone for another day and then returned. 

 Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I bragged to all of my family about this guy. Even though my headache had returned, it wasn't as severe as it had been. What I discovered was that my family members were a bunch of assholes and not for the reason you'd think. Apparently, they knew all about this amazing man and had been going to him for years. But I guess they didn't want to share this incredible secret (Jerks). 

 I went back to him the following Mondays and I got some of his story. He was a family doctor for years and retired in 1984. In '91 he opened his chiropractor clinic to help some of his friends with their pains. He's only open three days a week and spends the other days with his other job, golfing. He uses the money to pay his insurance and rent. But let me say this, he could charge a fortune for his skills and be worth it. He doesn't advertise, but apparently he's busy all day long just from word of mouth. From the times I have been there, his waiting room has been half full every time. And he's fast. Each time I was in and out in 30 minutes. He's spends between 5-8 minutes per patient, and does an awesome job. His office is unimpressive as it sits between a tiny dry cleaners and a BBQ joint, with a small Subway on the the other side of the dry cleaners. I can't say enough great things about this guy, but I can say I wish I had found him a decade ago, when my father started going to him.

 **Update to posts**
 Living in a very rural area, my internet is intermittent, but I will be back to posting game and story related posts soon. I have a work around going on right now, but I think I have a short term solution that may help. If not, then I will only be able to post when go over to Eric's house and use his connection, which is sporadic timing at best.