Tuesday, April 10

Railbox Game 1

Mage Symbol
(1) Mage's Symbol
 Friday night's railbox started off a little slow. Eric's sons joined the group so we had 2 new fighters to roll up, Chuck(Human) and Meat(Prynn). The characters got their freedom and 200 gold to buy equipment. Nick's illusionist, known from now on as Blecyn aka The Illusion Nazi(1), spent his on spell research. Being a recently released slave, he only had access to one spell, hypnosis. Before the adventure started, he researched and learned color spray. I was a little lenient with the rules, also considering he's a third level illusionist that's been a slave since first level. (MGMR)* 

 Eric's thief, known from now on as Dirk, spent the pre-adventure time buying equipment and tracking down the thieves guild. After several failed attempts to discover the thieves guild, the adventure started. The group decided to continue helping Dirk find the thieves guild. 

 By pure luck alone, they decided to go to a tavern called Rumblegut's, which is the secret headquarters for the thieves guild. Dirk picked three pockets, Blecyn was casting a few cantrips to help**. While picking the second pocket, a slip of paper was placed into Blecyn's pouch. The paper read,"The punishment of unauthorized theft is five years. Magical assistance is ten." Not quit sure how I wrote that since I left the info card at Eric's. On Dirk's third picked pocket, the thief then tugged on Blecyn's pouch.  Net gain from pickpocket: 16 gp, 15 sp, 2 saw blades, a plumb-bob, a shiny red gem, and 1 note from thieves guild.

 The group did notice three very big men, failing horribly to act nonchalant, approaching them. As the group readied to flip the table and begin attacking, Dirk felt the sharp point of a dagger press into his ribs***. And a voice whispered," Relax, they're only here to make sure you remain safe into our sanctum." The guards and the thief led the group into the back hallway. From there they opened a secret stair and entered a large room. the thief explained the rules of the guild, which guards could bribed, and the fees and services of the guild. He also offered the party a retrieval mission for a magical bone longbow with green leather wraps. The reward would be 1,000 gp.

 The group decided to go after the bow. But before heading out to the Green Caves, they attempted to sell the shiny red gem. Blecyn tried to magically fool the merchant. Making a 20 on his save, the merchant took the handle of his dagger and smashed the shiny, red glass crystal.

 The first day the away from Krixen's End was uneventful. That night the group camped near a small pool of water(unmarked on player map). They also encountered a specter, who charged the group with payment for use of his pool with," Life for a life." The party had the choice of either fighting the specter or paying the toll with the life of a child(due within 5 months). The party chose the latter(they are playing evil-aligned characters) by stating they would raid some goblins and take their children, so the specter allowed them to leave. Net gain from encounter: - their lives or the lives of 4 children.

 Around mid-day at a watering hole (marked on player map), they were ambushed by a pair of giant spiders. One pinned Dirk, and the other missed Chuck. Meat's battle ax chopped the so far into the first spider that he almost hit Dirk underneath. Blecyn, Chuck, and Dirk finished the second with ease. Net gain from encounter: 7 giant spider eyes(for future spell materials) and 4 venom sacs(for poison use). They missed out on the lair.

 The rest of the second day remained uneventful. During Blecyn's watch, they were attacked by 3 goblins mounted on hyenas. After a couple of close battles, the party survived with no deaths. Knowing that these particular goblins were worth 1 gp per Black Ears goblin head, 5 gp per hobgoblin head, and 1 gp per hyena pelt, they took the heads and skins. Net gain from encounter: 11 gp (which NOBODY wrote down), 3 Black Ears goblin heads, and 3 hyena pelts. 

 The next morning, they entered the Green caves. Following a rough (not drawn) map they found the entrance to The Crypts of Unspeakable Chaos. In the entry chamber they find some piles of bloody clothes. The chamber is made of rough stone walls and they decide to start searching for traps and hidden doors. The noise from their search draws the attention of three giant lizards from the southwest. They decide to take a strategic retreat back through the entrance which is too small for the lizards to pass. Net gain from encounter: nothing.

 The group decides now that they know the location of the caves, they will head back to Krixen's End and pick up supplies. We called it a night after that.

* MGMR- My game, My rules. 
** Ganth is a high magic world. Most people in Ganth have access to cantrips. 
*** Sorry Eric, I didn't know the pencil was that sharp. Man he really jumped.