Friday, February 28

My irregular update

  We played through Eric's campaign, had fun. I'll let him write about it. Nick's Savage Worlds Deadlands Campaign was fun. My Indian Shaman had to hide his abilities from Eric's religious nut. He wanted to kill anything that wasn't blessed by the Pope. It was more than that, but I'm not going to go too far into it. My guy grunted most of his responses and the few times he spoke, it was either to lie to "the white man" or to give snarky remarks to/towards "the white man". His role in the group was the tracker (which by the way he royally sucked at it) and his secret goal was to scout "the white man" and kill as many of them as he could. It was extremely rewarding to him when he was allowed or even encouraged to kill "the white man" because of "the white man's law". /smirk

 Next up was my Rift's (TM) Campaign. First session the group had the choice of a few missions. They of course chose the one with the highest bounty. (Nick and Eric have their characters listed on a previous post, Eric's two boys had a metal alien speedster and Ben Franklin Techno Wizard) The mission was to scout out another town, a day's travel south. The town had already sent three other scouting mission there and nobody had returned, hence the high bounty. Fortunately for the group, the mission was to discover why all communications had ceased and to help restore communications if they were able. Eric's cyborg has a glitch he's mentally unstable, he currently suffers from the delusion that he has spidey sense. The group has an armoured troop carrier that they use to travel in and the radar tracking system started going off. Eric is the only one with the skills to use the radar, but his spidey sense told him that the incoming missile attack wasn't real, so he ignored it. The carrier was ripped in half during the initial attack. The group climbs out and discover that they were being attack by alien slavers know as the Splurgoth. These guy are the ones you just don't wanna mess with. So two of the group get stuck fleeing, while carrying the other two of the group, who got stunned by the Slurgoth slavers. They make it back home with their collective tails between their legs and actually get the bounty! The Splurgoth attacked the town was all they needed to report. 

 The next highest mission would take the players to an up and coming city near the Texas/Louisiana border. The city had an open bounty on the heads of any clerics or demons of a new cult calling themselves Keepers of the Flame. The group actually ran into two clerics and three demons who were carrying a few new sacrificial captives back to their headquarters. (Both were going to be NPCs to help out the group but one of them would get changed over to a new character for Eric's daughter) During the fight, Eric's boys got tired and we decided to wrap up and pause the combat till the next gaming session. Eric's daughter wanted to play a fairy character in the campaign, so during the down time I made one for her and placed the character in the cultists cart. 

 The next session would actually come almost a month late because I got sick. So I go in to Eric's house ready to rumble...... Then my group turned on me. "We hate this game," they whined," we like the campaign, the characters, and the game world, but the combat sucks and it's just a pain in the ass." So Rift's (TM) Campaign is dead.

 They wanted to play an evil campaign, similar to the one I had originally set up for D&D. (You know, the one I really loved and then somebody had to quit the group, he's back by the way) This time they wanted to run an evil Undermountain Campaign, before or maybe during the Time of Troubles. So we spent the evening making new characters, again. Eric made two new characters, a wizard and a cleric. The wizard is leaning towards necromancy and the other is a cleric of Bane. Nick made a wizard also and a fighter. Eric's two boys made an assassin and a thief. 

 A long time ago, in a small house (now turned into a used car dealership) far, far away... Was another Undermountain campaign with another group. Eric and I were a part of the that group. I was the DM. Eric remembers that campaign and the original entry into Undermountain. So he asked to have them enter through another location, which I agree. So currently I'm devising another entry. Or possibly use another dungeon as a sub-level. I have a few dungeons that I have saved over the years that Eric isn't familiar with and also I'm working on my own Mega-Dungeon. I haven't decided yet. I had thought to just scramble one up with Donjon. (to those unfamiliar with this awesome site, PLEASE CLICK THE LINK, this is the site everyone should have bookmarked) I love the Donjon site, it's great for a quick and dirty instant dungeon. But I want their first foray into a mega-dungeon to be inspired, not quick and dirty. 

 I know I could just throw them into a random location in Undermountain, but I really need some time to fill the place out. If you have ever seen this colossal dungeon, then you will understand. It's a monstrous dungeon with very little area filled in. I know that approx. 60% of a mega-dungeon is empty space but only 10% of Undermountain is filled in. I'd say I'm a good prepared DM. I'd even say I'm fairly good on the fly. But there is no way on God's Green Earth, that I'm even halfway decent with running a mega-dungeon on the fly. 

 So... Here's the plan. I'm going to use a short dungeon that I randomed with the Osric tables. Another clone but but still a good one, and like the great guys over at Goblinoid Games it's FREE. I'm going to flesh out the details, encounters, traps, and treasures while I fill out some of my mega-dungeon or fill out some more of Undermountain. I'm gonna try filling it out completely randomly by us tables from these amazing sources: Osric (Link is above)The Dungeon AlphabetThe Hyper Halfling's Book of Lists, Vol. 1 (Costs about $4 when I bought it but worth it); and a couple of other fun tables that I have. 

 We'll see how it goes....

Side note, I must say this WHY GOD WHY???? and the ALTERNATE COVER makes me cry everytime I see this and realize it's 4th Edition. /mourn