Sunday, September 8

Dungeons & Dragons 30 Day Challenge- Day 6

 Favorite Deity: Ahh hell's yeah! Been waiting on this one. The Harvester of Souls, Death Incarnate, and One Awesome Cleric, Jaccob Sorrow. I have several favorites, but he's a player that became deified. Ebon Greeneyes is another player deity. Even Pitch the Black, Straahd La'Roc, Mongoose Half-Ear all reached a sort of deity position. But Jaccob is my favorite. 

 If I had to choose a print deity, then I would honestly say the entire Forgotten Realms pantheon. I like the Greek/Roman feel to deities. Flawed gods are fun because they can slip up, become over-involved, take insane insult from the most minor of comment, and even make human mistakes. I had more planned but got behind on my blogging watching the start of NFL season. So until further ado, cya tomorrow.

 Side note: I will at some point come back to the Ganth Pantheons.

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