Monday, September 10

WWF II: The Ring and Stiletto

 After five years of searching, Zachalion had finally found it. The vein of moonsilver was large enough to make the tools. But the greatest surprise was not finding a vein of moonsilver this large. It was size of the massive heartstone inside that caused him to have a glimmer of hope. Not only was it large enough to forge the ring, he might have enough to forge a blade for the stiletto. The Sisters must to have been looking over him. 

 Unfortunately, there wasn't enough to craft the entire weapon. Using another heartstone to craft the hilt may cause the magic to be unstable. But that was a problem for another day. Now, he would spend the next few months purifying the ore, to insure that it had never been touched by iron. After the purification process, he could then craft his moonsilver tools. The rituals would take just under a month to prepare the tools and heartstone for the forge. Working day and night, he would have the blade and ring ready to enchant within six months.

 He was comforted by the knowledge that the killer of his father and sister would be dead within a decade. By this time next year, he would begin his mission and Wynter would face the flames of his vengeance.

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