Monday, January 2

A little about myself

 Yeah, I know. Everyone starts with this garbage. But hopefully this is the last time you hear from me. Jaccob will do the rest of the posts (hopefully). It all started in 3rd grade playing D&D in Mrs. Smith's class during recess with Eddy. We played off and on through 6th grade.

 7th grade my family swapped churches and I met my best friend Eric. We started hanging and playing D&D over at his place after church on Sundays and sometimes Battletech with Bradshaw. Course we had to hide it at the time from his mom. Don't get me wrong she was a cool lady, but at the time D&D had the bad stigmata. But her fears were soon alleviated by the best pastor EVER. Bro. Bob Nicholson.

 I digress. Eric, myself and a few friends started playing everything under the sun, with D&D being the main game. Ganth hadn't been born yet. The idea was there, but it wasn't alive yet. Every new campaign was built upon the previous one. So the lore of Ganth started long before the world took shape. If a PC became a king, god, or even villian they lived on through the campaigns and eventually shaped our campaign world into the Ganth we are currently building, and will probably always be building. 

 Jaccob Sorrow is not my creation. He was created by Eric. But once the campaign was over, I thoroughly loved the name and character concept so much, I stole him. Over the years Jaccob Sorrow continued to evolve through other DM's campaigns, every rpg video game I played, and even several mmo's into the Jaccob I love and hate today.
 Most of these Tales from the Harvester will revolve around our original PCs, some will be about other characters I've created over time, a few are characters from close friends(they will know who they are), and a little will be some junk Jaccob makes up.

 I hope you enjoy.


  1. I have missed reading tales from the harvester and cant wait to read more of Jaccob's ramblings. Make me proud! Carra

  2. Dude, publish your blog on amazon. I will subscribe on the ole' kindle.

    I enjoyed the little bit I have read so far, and it will no doubt make our adventures in Ganth all the better, since overall I am in the dark.