Tuesday, January 31

A little about Jaccob Sorrow

 "I said she poisoned you." Jaccob replied.

 " So are you taking me to a healer?" Kellin asked, a tremor of fear began form in the back of his mind.

"Sort of," Jaccob paused a moment and said," This isn't going the way I intended. I'm usually better at this. But I'm meeting an old friend soon. I haven't seen him in a very long time. And I've looked forward to this moment with both anticipation and dread. So my nervousness is causing me to lose focus on the task at hand. So with my sincerest apologies, allow me start again.

"My name is Jaccob Sorrow. To some people my name is familiar, to you it is not. I have been known by many names. Some think I'm some horrible demon who walks around in robes and carry some wicked edged blade and look like Skeletor"


"You wouldn't know him. Sorry. Flustered. Some call me Black Knight, Thanatos, or Harvester of Souls. I am Death Incarnate. And to tell you the truth, I don't really care for edged weapons all that much. As a matter of fact, when I was an adventurer, I used a maul."

Kellin stopped and asked," So, I'm dead?"

"Yes, sorry again," Jaccob smiled at Kellin and said," The assassin's poison killed you with the first drink. You saw me as you died and you've been walking with me ever since. Most people see their death coming and are prepared. They go on to their own person afterlife. Some souls never see their deaths coming and without that knowledge it takes them time to understand. Normally I appear to them at the moment of death to assist them. You are one of those souls."

"I have a son," Kellin began to plead.

"I know."

"I have to see him, tell him.."

"Tell him what?" Jaccob interrupted. "Are you going to tell him you died? That's not possible. If you want to see him, that's what the afterlife is for. Well, for some anyways."

Jaccob turned Kellin towards him and said," You are dead. Your son will grow to be an honorable man. It will be long years before you meet him again. But you will. 

"I do not appear before souls of evil men. Allowing them to wonder as a spirit  is the greatest kindness I show them. The hell that some of them have created for themselves makes my avoidance of them a blessing. Until you accept that you are dead, you will wander this world as nothing more than a phantom. You will not be able to touch or even interact with anyone or anything. Eventually, you will not even know that you were alive and become some mindless spirit forced to forever roam. Good souls, like yourself, do not deserve to suffer beyond your death."

"Once again," Jaccob said," I humbly apologize for my ramblings. And my wish for you to accept what has befallen you this evening and move on to your pleasant afterlife. Now I must leave you to your choice. I have a very important appointment that I cannot miss.

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